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Rooms rental in Vernazza

Vernazza is the most suggestive village in Cinque Terre, it belongs to a territory graven by the man’s perseverance and love, challenging nature. The village is hold by the typical terraces of vines and its gardens, and it flows down to the sea with its suggestive castled houses, the narrow streets, called carruggi, and the sea as a frame. The central square witnesses the time passing by and people, while sun umbrellas and wooden boats lying in the sun fulfil the eye. The church, Santa Maria d’Antiochia, built by Maestri Anelami in 1318 directly on the sea, in ligurian gothic style, faces sunset, while the Fortress dominates the indented coast and lets the observer admire Monterosso, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore and further away…
Paths reveal precious secrets and gifts of this land through foreshortenings of agaves going down as far as the blue sea. It’s a land of ancient perfumes and sounds, of memories and tradition. The little sandy beach melts with rocks straight under the square. The little harbour, the coloured boats, the fishermen preparing their nets before leaving to sea, make the little harbour a meeting place. In the gardens, the farmers, poets of this land, protect, with their wise hands, the dry stone walls, foundation of this delicate and precarious territory, so they hand down memory and craft, as well as love.
This coast belongs to the World Heritage List (UNESCO) and is part of the 5 Terre National Park, because of its uniqueness. The respect of environment helps to protect this land, that people can easily reach by train or by boat.

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